Happy New Year to the Greatest Realtors in the Country

Happy New Year to the Greatest Realtors in the Country

Wednesday, 02 January 2019

Happy New Year and welcome to our favorite month on the calendar. January is the time when new goals are set and everyone walks around with a new aura of optimism and confidence that they hope will carry them through the year. Whatever mess you made in 2018 will be soon be fixed in 2019. Whatever deals fell apart last year will be rectified in a bigger and better way in the months to come. Like any die-hard Lions fan will tell you, this is just may be our year. It is January in Detroit and hope springs eternal…

The Detroit Association of Realtors has a few goals of its own this year – the biggest, of which, is to keep the momentum going. The past year was met with much successful working with corporate sponsors to help get our message out. Companies like Chemical Bank, Flag Star Bank, and all the banks representing Detroit Home Mortgage, stepped up in a very big way in 2018 and we look forward to continuing and expanding those types of relationships. Many of our Affiliate Members were also very supportive last year and we thank them all for their generosity.

We also hope – and need- to expand our membership this year – particularly Primary Membership. We plan to do this by over–providing and over-delivering our support and services, and helping our members build their business in this crazy, roller-coaster ride called Real Estate. There are a lot of new opportunities in real estate in Detroit but there are still just as many obstacles. It’s these obstacles that we hope to help with. We have a Board of Directors full of politically-connected industry professionals who can make things happen with a simple phone call. We also have a local team of power brokers at our disposal called The Thomas Group, who will help us open any political doors that we can’t open on our own. So, if you are having issues – particularly if they pertain to your rights as a Realtor or the rights of home ownership, call the DAR Hotline at 313-961-1313 and Sharon will direct you to those best suited to help.

Finally, on behalf of the entire DAR Board, we would like to thank out-going President Dorian Harvey for the very successful leadership he provided in 2018. His countless hours of hard work and dedication has helped pave the way for future Presidents and Board Members to carry on and build this 100+ year old Association.

Yes, it is a new year in Detroit and every DAR Realtor should be very proud of themselves for creating this big new era in Detroit real estate. You’ve been in the trenches quietly making things happen in the neighborhoods, while the big boys downtown get all the accolades. But this just may be our year. There is still a lot of work to do, but know that the Board of Detroit Association of Realtors are here to help make stuff happen.

From all of us at DAR, we wish you a VERY prosperous 2019.

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