The Detroit Real Estate Board, now The Detroit Association of Realtors, is one of the oldest local Realtor Associations in the country.  Founded in 1890 and then re-organized in 1906, we bring 125 years of experience and credibility to our members.

On May 12, 1908 the Detroit Board of Realtors was chartered as a member Board of the National Association of Real Estate Boards (NAREB), now the National Association of Realtors.

Much of the pioneering to organize and establish The National Association of Realtors was done in Detroit Michigan. With the assistance of several other boards, the path was laid in 1908. The late William W. Hannan, a resident of Detroit, was an active organizer of DAR and would later become the 2nd President of The National Associations of Realtors.

By protecting the rights of private property ownership and insuring the proper distribution of land ownership, we can restore values to our real estate market. Much like how we started in 1890… Through information, advocacy, education, and technology we are committed in supporting our members and the communities in which they serve. We are to re-defining through our code of ethics, core standards and professionalism. We bring Value!

Education, technology, membership, community  and local government involvement. As the city of Detroit recover from one of the city’s worst economic housing crisis, DAR is resurgence as the leadership trade association ensuring  fair housing, Realtors Code of Ethics, National Real Estate Core Standards and the highest level of professionalism  in the industry.